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I finally won a tournament at poker. I am so happy. Earlier in the night I was complaining that I only have come 2nd and 3rd and never first well it happened. I finally won. I was down alot when the final table started. I had the second lowest amount of chips and I ended up killing everyone, lol.

Nothing else I want to say in this post. Going through some bad times at the moment but I don't want to bring myself down while I am happy at the moment. I may end up posting in a few days on how I am at the moment. It will be some depressing stuff.

Anyway I might go to bed now and watch my dvd's. I got the 1st and 2nd season of Inspector gadjet the cartoon. The original series from 1983. I was so happy when I found it. Cartoons from my childhood are so hard to get on dvd. I thought I was going to have to download it, that's if I can find it :P That's all for now. Got a poker tournament on monday, hopefully I can go good in it.
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