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snooky81's Journal

24 February 1981
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My Icons Resource and Credit Page

Please visit magical_senshi For my Latest Icons

If you click the banner above it will take you too my completed, Live Action Sailor Moon Icon Challenge.

I have decided to reopen my journal. It's no longer friends only, so anyone can read it.

queencleopatra's LJ Crew - Sailor Mars - Keiko Kitagawa

Besides neopets being my current obsession, I also love sailor moon and transformers.

I also love making graphics online.

I know abit about html and css, I do have a website, however since geocities doesn't exist anymore I have yet to find a new host because I have been busy with work. So the icons that are available all the time are the ones posted in my magical_senshi community. Feel free to take as many as you like, just as long as you give me credit. And if you change any of my icons let me know, would love to see what you created.
Anyway not much more to write here. Hope you enjoy reading about my life ;)

Here is my Survey which got me stamped as Sailor Mars.

Click on one of the banners below and sign up to the site. Then come back and do it for the other site, lol. You know you want too :P