Lisa (snooky81) wrote,

Christmas Presents

Ok here is a list of everything I got for christmas:

- Pirates of the caribbean music box and book
- bracelet, ring, 2 pairs of earrings,
- Socks, I always need socks lol,
- Back to the future box set,
- Simpsons movie, Transformers movie,
- DVD storage thing lol,
- 2 cd cases,
- 4 pinks which is a sparkling wine, bottle of midori,
- chocolate peanuts,
- spice girls cd,
- hello kitty pjs,
- fire and ice perfume box set,
- book on mythology,
- sex and the city dvd's season 5,
- remote control car,
- necklace.

I think that's it lol. I hope everyone had a great christmas :D
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